Clay Mask with Hibiscus Powder
Clay Mask

Clay Mask

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Our Hair and Scalp Clay Mask clumps coils and silmutaneously detoxifies hair and scalp. Healthy long hair is more achievable than ever before with this nutrient rich, intensive formula. Bonus - It can also be used as a face mask for smoother skin.

→ Clumps kinks, coils and curls
→ Cleanses hair
→ Cleanses scalp
Smooths skin

Our clay mask consists of Bentonite Powder, Ghassoul Clay and Hibiscus Powder.

Bentonite Powder
comes from the ashes of volcanoes an has a negative charge. This negative charge helps it bind to positive particles like dirt, bacteria and heavy metals that then get washed away. In order to keep its effectiveness do not use any metal while mixing your mask.

Ghassoul/Rhassoul Powder
comes from the Marroccan mountains and has been known for centuries to be an effective natural cleaning agent. To this day the royal Marrocan family exclusively owns a part of the area where it's produced.

Hibiscus Powder
is derived from the African hibiscus flower and can be used on skin and hair or drunk as a tee. It gives the hair shine, combats dandruff and helps irritated skin calm down.


Depending on hair length, density and thickness: Mix the desired amount of clay with water (half of the amount of clay) until a thick and smooth maks forms. Don‘t use metal appliances! Optional: Add 2 drops of an essential oil f.e. tea tree or rosmary.

Start from the tips of your hair. Clump your coils while you apply the clay. Work the clay up until you reach your scalp. For a deeper treatment apply clay on your scalp. Leave it on until dry.

Use once a week for best results. Do not ingest.


Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Hibiscus Powder