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About Us

KCL - Cosmetics means Kinky Curly Lengths;

Are you overwhelmed by your curls and kinks? Are you unable to find any curly hair care products in your area? Do you constantly want to chop it all off or relax your hair again? Then the KCL - Cosmetics products are exactly for you because your curls are our priority. No matter if you were blessed with 4c kinks or 3a coils every curl type is welcome here.

Naturally made with love in Switzerland 
Consisting of natural ingredients and their derivatives
Filled in brown PET bottles - good for your curls and the environment
No PEG's, mineral oil, silicones, toxic preservatives and other pollutants.

The face behind KCL - Cosmetics 

When I went natural in 2011 I was overwhelmed with my hair. I searched high and low for natural hair products in Switzerland that would nourish, define and help me get rid of the tangles in my thirsty and kinky coils but the products in the afro-shops were full of mineral oil, PEG‘s, silicones and other toxins and the beauty supply stores didn‘t have products targeted towards curly hair or ethnic women like me. The natural products I did find were way over my budget and took ages to ship to Switzerland.
So I tried the DIY‘s on Pinterest and YouTube with some success but there was a lot of misinformation on the effectiveness of the ingredients and the masks and hair washes went bad fast if not stored in a fridge.
Eventually, I took things into my own hands and gathered all the knowledge and resources I had, started researching ingredients, the structure of curly, and launched KCL - Cosmetics.
A natural and intensive curl care line made from a curlygirl for curlygirls/curlyboys here in Switzerland. My mission is to make curly haircare as accessible as possible for every curlyhead in Europe. The products are specifically formulated to help you achieve healthy, bouncy, and long curls with ease.