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Straightening Brush on Natural Hair (Dos and Donts)

Lately, more and more naturals in the YouTube space have been shifting their attention to the straightening brush. The straightening brush promises to be a blow drier and flat iron in one. Even though that may not be totally true it may be an interesting gadget for some naturalistas out there.

For the naturals with looser hair textures like curls and waves, the straightening brush may be a good replacement for a flat iron. For all our kinky coily girls out there the straightening brush acts more like a blow drier even though we wouldn’t advise you to use it on wet hair. Using the straightening brush on dry, stretched and detangled hair will give you a straighter look than a blow-out. With every hot tool, there are some rules and best practices to follow. Here are some do’s and don’ts using the straightening brush.

DO Stretch Your Hair Beforehand

In order to get the straightest results, it is advised to use it on already stretched hair.

DO Use The Brush On Dry Hair

From experience, it is best to use the tool on dry or slightly damp hair. Using it on wet hair will make the hydration and moisture evaporate out of your hair and leave your hair crunchy and dry.

DO Use a Heat Protectant

Like with every other heat tool a straightening brush could potentially leave your hair with heat damage. Use a good heat protectant to prevent that. FYI oils ARE NOT heat protectants. Using an oil can potentially fry your hair oven with a high smoking point.

DON’T Use It To Detangle

It is important to detangle your hair before using the brush. If you use the brush as a detangler it will certainly snag, tare and break your hair.

DON’T Use It After The LOC Method

Remember what we said about oils not being a heat protectant and potentially frying your hair? Well if you do the L.O.C. method before using the straightening brush you not only frying your hair, but it will leave your hair stringy and sticky. The oil and cream part of the method is to heavy for straight hair and will leave you looking like a grease ball.

DON’T Use It On Big Sections

For thick and kinky naturalistas it is best to part your hair in smaller manageable sections to prevent breakage and snagging. It will also give your hair a straighter look.

In conclusion, use the straightening brush with caution like you would with any other hot tool like a flat iron or blow drier. With this DO’S and DON’TS, you should get a nice blow dried semi-straight finish without breaking and snagging your precious hair.

Have you tried the straightening brush before? Did it work for your hair type? Share your insights with us in the comment section below.

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