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How You Can Save Your Edges

The edges of every naturalista is their pride and joy. Especially if they’re laid to the gods. However, this can be a two-edged sword. Frequently adding tension and products to your edges will slowly kill them. Following are some tips on saving your edges.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Even if you don’t like to hear it but slathering on edge control and following up with a hard bristle brush every day will ruin your edges. Remember they are the most fragile and breakage prone parts of your hair and need some extra TLC (tender, love and care, not the girl group ). Try to minimize the frequency of laying your edges and applying products on them. This will give them a break from the over manipulation and ensure that they will not fall off. This is crucial especially if you have thin hair.

Castor Oil

Castor oil and the potent Jamaican black castor oil have been used by naturals all over the world to bring their edges back to life. Apply it regularly on your edges to thicken and strengthen them. Castor oil is really thick and viscous, so if you have thinner edges you can use castor oil to lay them down without suffocating your hair. FYI our Grow scalp oil blend is perfect to revive your damaged edges. Try it out for yourself.

Low Tension Styles

This goes hand in hand with the first point made above. Sleek ponytails are all the rave right now. However, they can cause heavy tension on your scalp and edges and shouldn’t be worn too frequently especially if you’re a thin-haired sister. Try to loosen the buns and ponytails or better yet switch them up for looser styles. You will not regret it in the long run.

Onion Hair Mask

Onions and garlic contain a lot of sulfur that can help your hair grow exponentially. Even though they really stink applying an onion hair mask once a month or better yet once a week will boost your hair growth and revive your edges. To minimize the scent, apply the onion hair mask before shampooing at night. Here’s a helpful video on it.

Those are some tips on saving your edges from falling off.

Have you tried castor oil on your edges before? Tell us in the comment section below.

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