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2 Ways to Apply Gel

This may sound odd to you but there are 2 ways to apply gel on curly hair. But first, you’ll have to prepare your mane before you grab your gel or curling custard. Prep your curls by applying clay mask. Here are 3 clay masks you can mix at home. The clay mask will rid your hair from any kind of build-up, dirt and excessive oil. While applying the mask you will see your curls clump already. This step is crucial for super defined curls afterward. Then apply your deep conditioner. Try to eliminate frizz during application by applying the deep conditioner in one direction downwards. Leave it on for about 10-30 min and rinse using praying hands downwards (here’s a video on praying hands).

Now comes the step you have been waiting for. Applying the gel.

Option one: Wet Application

Apply the gel on small sections throughout your hair while still soaking wet. This important especially if you have kinkier hair. Try to shingle and finger coil every curl. This may take some time but will leave you with a super defined ‘fro. After your done, shake your hair vigorously just like willow smith in her whip your hair music video. Don’t break your neck but really shake your head back and forth. This will further clump your curls and put them into place. Finally, the best option is to air dry your curls but if you’re in a hurry you can also diffuse your hair to minimize frizz.

Option 2: Dry Application

It almost sounds unbelievable, but you can get an even higher grade of definition applying your gel on dried stretched out hair. If you’re using this option, you don’t have to necessarily wash your hair beforehand. You can also just use a twist out as your base. However, if you have washed your hair beforehand stretch it out using the tension method (click to find out more). Work the gel into small sections. Since the base of every gel or curling custard is water, your hair will slowly start to clump up. Shingle and finger coil while applying the gel. After you’re done vigorously shake your hair to help clump your coils even more. Since you applied the gel on dry hair it will not take too long for your hair to dry. If you are in a hurry you can still diffuse your hair though.


Now we want to hear from you! Have you tried to apply gel on dry hair before? Did it work? Were your kinks and coils defined more? Leave a comment down below.

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