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L.O.C., L.C.O. or L.C./O.: Which Routine is better?

If you’re new to the natural hair game and you’re just discovering your curls, coils and kinks the L.O.C. method is a good starting point to develop a moisturization routine that works for your mane. L.O.C. is an abbreviation and stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream. It is a technique used by most naturals to lock in the moisture and hydration obtained after their shampoo and deep conditioner.

The L.O.C. method is performed before styling your curls. Even though the L.O.C. method suits most curlistas there are variations, which fits different hair types, thicknesses and porosities better. The variations include the L.C.O., L.C. and L.O. method. As you can imagine the L.C.O. stands for Liquid, Cream and Oil, the L.C. stands for Liquid and Cream and the L.O. stands for Liquid and Oil. Depending on your hairs thickness, porosity and type one of the different L.O.C. variations might be more suitable. Read on and find your perfect moisturization routine. You can also use the methods to re-moisturize your hair even if you haven’t freshly washed it.

L.O.C. method

Like mentioned above the L.O.C. method consists of a Liquid, Oil and a Cream part.

  • Liquid – Water, Leave-In, Hair Spritz
  • Oil – Oil, Oil blend
  • Cream – Hair Butter, Creamy Moisturizer

After you’re finished washing your hair. Part your hair into sections. Then choose an oil or oil blend of your choice like our Retain hair oil and apply it on your hair. Lastly, grab a creamy moisturizer or hair butter and apply it on your hair. Proceed with styling.

This routine is perfect for medium porosity, medium and thick, kinky and coily hair.

L.C.O. method

The L.C.O. method is exactly the same as the L.O.C method the only difference is that the oil and cream part is switched. That means you first apply the Liquid then the Cream and lastly the Oil.

  • Liquid – Water, Leave-In, Spritz
  • Cream – Hair Butter, Creamy Moisturizer
  • Oil – Oil, Oil blend

Perfect for high porosity, kinky and thick hair.

L.C. method

The L.C. method skips the Oil step and proceeds directly with the Cream step. It only consists of 2 steps. First, apply your Liquid then your chosen Cream.

  • Liquid – Water, Leave-In, Spritz
  • Cream – Hair Butter, Creamy Moisturizer

Perfect for high porosity, coily and kinky textures, medium and thick hair.

L.O. method

The L.O. method leaves the cream step out. So, it only consists of Liquid and Oil.

  • Liquid – Water, Leave-In, Spritz
  • Oil – Oil, Oil blend

Perfect for medium and low porosity, all texture types, medium and thin hair.

There you have it the different moisturization methods and the curl types they suit the best. For even further information check out this video.

Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite and what curl type, porosity and thickness you have.

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