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How to Take Care of Protective Styles

We love protective styling because it gives your ‘fro a break from constant manipulation and you don’t always have to worry about your hair while protective styling. Basically, you’re having a break from your hair and your hair has a break from you. A win-win situation. However, due to the nature of protective styling, many naturals forget to take care of their scalp and the hair they are trying to protect. In order to avoid hair fall and lint’s, we have put together some tips on how to take care of protective styles. Lazy natural approved!

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Even if you think your good for the next 4 weeks if your scalp gets itchy please wash your hair. Healthy hair starts from the scalp. So, your number one priority should be your scalp. Followed by your ends of course.


The moisture in your hair will not last 4 weeks straight. So, spritzing the lengths of your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner will maintain the moisture balance in your hair.

Hair Mousse

Using hair mousse to reduce fly always can turn dull braids and twists into sleek and shiny hairstyles. Don’t overdo it though you might cause product build-up.


In twists, braids and cornrows a lot of your scalp is exposed. This leads to dryness. Use a hair oil to help combat that. First spritz some water or aloe vera juice onto your scalp and hair before applying the oil. Don’t forget oils are not moisturising they only lock in the moisture that is already on your hair or scalp! The same goes for your face.


How do you keep your hair moisturized while protective styling? Comment down below.

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