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Hair Massages to Accelerate Hair Growth

Indian women with their long silky and thick hair have been massaging their scalp for centuries. In Ayurveda, there are special pressure points to hit during the massage in order to accelerate hair growth. Hair massages just like the inversion method increase blood flow to the scalp and the hair follicles. This allows for the nutrients in the blood to get into the hair follicles easier. Higher blood flow also makes it easier for hair oils and tinctures to penetrate the scalp. This promotes hair growth and hair health which ultimately leads to longer kinks, coils, and curls. Other positive effects of hair and head massages is that they make you relax and reduce stress levels.

So here is how to perform a short and effective hair massage to accelerate hair growth. If you prefer videos, we’ve linked one from Curly Proverbz and Naptural85 down below.

Choose an effective hair oil

Our KCL – Cosmetics grow scalp oil is perfect to be used in hair massages. It is formulated with castor oil, fenugreek oil and rosemary oil to promote hair growth, prevent dry scalp and soothe inflamed scalp and wounds. For a deeper treatment heat your preferred oil in a water bath before applying it onto your scalp. Make sure the hair oil is not too hot before you apply it.

Choose your tools

There are many different electric and manual tools to help you massage and increase blood flow to the scalp. No matter if you use your hands, an electric massager or the classical one, the main point is to increase blood flow to your scalp.
During a hair and head massage, it can help to hit different pressure points for the most benefits. Using a tool can make this a little bit difficult. You can of course always use your hands combined with a tool.

How to perform a scalp massage

Start with your edges and the perimeter of your hair. Apply a few drops of your preferred hair oil on your edges. With your middle and ring finger gently and slowly massage your edges in a circular direction. Don’t rub. Otherwise, you will rub your hair out. Be gentle and don’t forget that the hair on the perimeter of your head and on your edges tends to be finer and more fragile than the rest of your hair. Massage for at least 5 min. Then start massaging the inner parts of your hair. Still in circular slow motion. Be gentle and take your time. Massage this part for at least 5 min.
Et voilà you’re done. For optimal results repeat this massage every day or every other day for at least 10 mins.


Have scalp and head massages helped you grow your hair? Leave a comment down below and share your experiences.

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