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A Simple Hair Routine for Lazy Naturals

For all my lazy naturals out there being a curly head doesn’t need to be so complicated and time-consuming. Just follow a simple wash day routine like the one discussed below.

This wash day routine only consists of 3 steps that don’t take up your whole weekend.

  1. Shampoo
  2. Deep Conditioner
  3. Protective Style / Low Manipulation


No-poo routines like the curly girl method give shampoo a bad reputation especially in the natural hair movement. However, we at KCL – Cosmetics say fear no more! Shampoo is necessary to clean your scalp and hair of any dirt, sweat and product build up obtained throughout the week. Not washing your hair properly will inevitably lead to loss of volume, product-build up and a higher risk of dandruff, etc.

Even if you don’t like the harshness of most shampoo’s use a gentle sulfate-free alternative like our Clean shampoo. However, if you use products with water-insoluble silicones and ingredients it is best advised to use a harsher sulfonate or even a sulfate shampoo. Harsher surfactants will clean and strip your hair of product build-up from the silicones and mineral oils.

Deep Conditioner

This is a very important step for all our curly, coily and kinky haired sister out there. In order to restore the moisture balance in your hair after shampooing a deep conditioner or even a simple conditioner is a must. Like our Revive deep conditioner, it prevents breakage, regenerates the hair shaft, enhances elasticity, gives slip and promotes shine. This is also the perfect time to detangle your hair in order to combat breakage and single strand knots. Remember always be gentle with your hair.

Protective Styles and Low Manipulation

This is a vital step for a true lazy natural. In order for you to relax, sit back and watch your hair grow choose a suitable protective style or low manipulation style. Like the names suggest they protect your hair and you don’t have to do a lot to maintain those styles.

If hair growth and health is your main goal then you should shy away from harmful protective styles like micro braids for example. High tension is also something you need to be careful of especially when it comes to your edges falling off or in the extreme case of developing alopecia. For some inspiration on protective styles check out this blog post. Some great protective styles are big twists and braids. Great low manipulation styles are crochet braids, big twists and jumbo braids. Other great low manipulation styles are different types of buns, pigtails, etc.

Most naturals wear their protective styles for up to 4 week. So, spending a day getting your hair done for the month to come is a wise time investment. For that month you don’t have to care about your hair and can just get up and go.

We hope this blog post helped you to become a responsible lazy natural.

Do you have some tips for lazy naturals? Comment down below and help your fellow naturals out.

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