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How to Save Your Hair from Breaking Off

In today’s blog post we want to share with you some tips on how to save your hair from breaking off aka length retention. Keeping your hair from breaking off is an important part of growing long kinky hair.

Tip #1 Protective Styling

Especially for coilier and kinkier textures is protective styling important to keep your ends elongated and tucked away. Keeping your hair in a stretched style prevents single strand knots and protects against environmental aggressors like the drying sun and the cold dry winter months. Make sure your hair is adequately moisturized in every protective style.

Tip #2 Stretching

Like mentioned above, stretching is important to prevent single strand knots that break your hair. It is also easier to keep stretched hair hydrated and moisturized. If your hair gets brittle and dry and stays like that over a longer time it will break off. This will stunt your growth and make it seem like your hair isn’t growing.

Tip #3 Tend to your ends

We cannot say this enough dry ends = breakage. So, tend to your ends and observe them. Are they springy and juicy or are they brittle and dry? Listen to your hair and act accordingly. Maybe you need to deep condition more often. Maybe you need to seal in the moisture better. Every natural seems obsessed with growth but neglects their ends.

Tip #4 Protein Treatment

If you have high porosity hair from heat or chemical damage, make sure you combat dryness by regularly applying a protein treatment to your coils. The hydrolyzed protein molecules will fill in the gaps of your hair follicle and strengthen your hair shaft. This will not only lead to stronger, but it will also lead to thicker fuller hair.

Tip #5 Moisturization

Stay on top of your moisturization game. Avoid unnecessary breakage by keeping your coils moisturized and hydrated. The L.O.C. method makes this very easy. In cases of extreme dryness, you should try the baggy method.

Here’s how it works:

Section your hair into parts. Grab your favorite conditioner and any apply it to your ends. Apply a generous amount. Now take some plastic bags and tie them up to the ends of each section.

Leave them on for at least 30 min. Then rinse and admire your revived coily ends.

Tip #6 Trim when needed

Even though we know you don’t like to hear it but trimming is essential to keep split ends and single strand knots away. It tremendously helps with ease of detangling. Trimming can help you grow longer stronger hair by cutting off struggly ends.

These 6 tips should help you grow a longer and thicker 'fro.

How do you keep your hair from breaking off? Leave a comment down below and help your fellow naturalistas out.

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