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How to Define Your Curls and Kinks

For every new natural definition is the first thing they look for in their curls, coils and kinks. However, not everyone has naturally defined curls. That’s why we would like to share some tips on how you too can acquire defined kinks and coils.

Just to make this clear from the beginning to have kinkier hair with less definition is just as beautiful as having curlier hair with more definition. Neither is superior to the other.

At the end of the day, hair health should be the top priority on every naturalistas list.

Tip #1: Use a clay mask before a wash ‘n go

Read this article on a detailed break down on clay masks and how to apply them.

Using a clay mask on wash day before doing a wash ‘n go can greatly enhance the definition of your curls especially if your mane is on the kinkier side. Every strand will clump easier and frizz will be reduced. If you’re looking for a perfect clay mask for natural hair check out our Detox clay mix. It will not only clump your curls but also remove product build-up.

Tip#2: Use a styler or gel that’s made for your hair type

For example, if you have waves or very loose and big curls then a gel or curling custard might be too strong for you since your curls only need a slight hold. In this case, a simple styling leave-in or mousse will do the trick. Follow up by scrunching your strands to enhance the curls.

On the other side if you have coily hair a stronger hold is needed to reduce frizz. A curling butter/cream or a curling custard is better suited for this hair type. Use a Denman or Felicia Leatherwood brush while applying the curling custard or cream. This will help define every single coil.

Lastly, if you’re blessed with kinky hair a strong curling custard or gel is needed. Ideally, apply the gel or custard on dripping wet hair to maximize definition and reduce frizz. You can also use a brush to aid in definition, however, be careful not to cause unnecessary breakage.  

Not only your curl type but also your hair density and hair thickness play a role in choosing the right styler. Always listen to your hair and choose any product based on your own mane.

Tip #3: Shingling technique for coily and kinky hair

One thing is for sure, when it comes to naturally curly hair the technique is more important than the product. If you have a foolproof technique to define your curls most products on the market will do.

That’s where the shingling method comes into play. For smaller tight curls the shingling method will help to create amazing definition. It will cost you some time since you must rake through every strand and make sure the product is evenly distributed. However, the end result will make the effort worth the while. We’ve linked a helpful video down below to illustrate the shingling process.

Tip #4: Finger coils for curly and wavy hair

Finger coils are a great way for girls with looser hair texture to define their mane and reduce frizz. While applying your styling leave-in or mousse curl and twist your fingers around your strands to create a defined curl. Let your hair air dry and then gently separate each curl.

Tip #5: Twist out or Braid Out

If your hair naturally doesn’t allow for defined curls, then you can easily create some by trying a twist or braid out. We’ve learned that a braid out on kinky hair is best performed on stretched hair, while a twist out can work on wet, damp or dry stretched hair. It depends on how much definition and stretch you want. For a more stretched style, a twist out on damp or dry stretched hair is best. For bomb definition, a twist out on wet hair is best.

Tip #6: Gel on dry hair

We know it sounds weird, but have you ever tried applying gel on dry hair for your wash ‘n go? You might be surprised at the amazing definition you can obtain. We’ve written a whole blog post on applying gel on wet or dry hair. You should definitely check it out. Since the basis for most hair gels is water your hair will curl up even if it’s dry when coming into contact with gel. Without the excess water, frizz can be reduced to a minimum and your kinks and coils can clump better.

There you have it some tips on how to define your curls, kinks and coils. If you tried any of the techniques above leave a comment below on how they worked out.

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