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3 Ways to Stretch Curly Hair

In order to maintain length and avoid single strand knots stretching your kinks is a must. In this post, we want to share 3 ways you can safely stretch your ‘fro without causing breakage.

African Threading

African threading has been used for centuries by African tribes to stretch afro hair without using heat. If you want a blowout-like finish look then this is the method for you. Detangle your hair. Section your hair off. Moisturize it using f.e. the L.O.C. method. Take a thread, any kind, and start to wrap it around the roots of each section. Be careful to not tie your roots too tight otherwise the tension might pull out your hair. Wrap the thread around the length of your hair without leaving any gaps. Just like you would with faux locs. At the tips of your ends create a hanging Bantu Knot. Leave the threads in for several hours or overnight if you worked on wet hair. Carefully take them off in the morning. Et voilà, you should be left with stretched hair.

Here’s a video if you’re more of a visual learner.


Banding works similarly like African threading. Instead of a thread, you will use wet hair ties or scrunchies. This method is perfect if you want to stretch out a wash ‘n go for length or just want a light stretch. Section off your hair into different parts. Detangle each part. Gather all the hair ties you can find. Start at the roots of your sections. Take a hair tie and tie it around your roots several times. Don’t tie your hair too tight and create unnecessary tension. It will rip your hair out. Take another hair tie and tie it around the length of your hair with a little bit of space from the first hair tie. Continue this procedure until you reach your ends. Leave the hair ties in for several hours. After you’ve taken them out, you’ll be left with a beautifully stretched wash ‘n go.

Tension Method

Don’t be alarmed this method will not rip your hair out even though it may sound like it. The tension method is perfect if you’re in a hurry and don’t mind using some heat. Section your hair off. Apply a heat protectant. Detangle the sections. Start your blow drier and on low heat. Now while you’re holding the section straight at the ends with some tension start to blow dry that section. Continue to blow dry until the section is straight. FYI for a straighter look use smaller sections. This method is a safer way to blow dry your hair.

These were the 3 ways to safely stretch kinky curly hair.

Do you know some more? Don’t hesitate to share with our curlmunity.

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